Founded in 2023, Maison Connoisseur is a female-led luxury brand that aims to bring organic Georgian products to the US.

Everything tastes better in Georgia. Whether it’s an apple, tomatoes or—our personal favorite—Georgia’s raw, organic luxury honey, Georgian produce is rich in minerals with layers and layers of flavor,

Georgia is home to the Mountain Grey Caucasian Honey Bee, an indigenous species that can’t be found anywhere else.The Grey Bee has the longest proboscis meaning that it is able to reach the deepest part of the plant. This means that Georgian honey is more nutrient-dense and complex in flavor.

Georgia has incredibly strict rules when it comes to producing honey. As one of the cleanest nations, pesticides are forbidden and traditional farming methods are encouraged. Beekeepers leave the Grey Bees to create their own all-natural hives, which are typically located at least 3km from any potential source of contamination.

The area’s unparalleled bio
diversity coupled with the unique Grey Bee and traditional farming methods results in a gorgeous golden elixir that is multi-floral, organic and bursting with flavor.

Yet Georgian honey remains a secret to so many around the world.

Maison Connoisseur is on a mission to change that.

Life is short.
Make it sweet. Make it sustainable.