A sweet elixir to start your day: Our most exclusive honeys cater to discerning tastes

Impress your most discerning guests with Maison Connoisseur’s premium honey. Harvested in Georgia, you can instantly tell the difference between our luxury honey and regular honey.

What makes it so special?

Maison Connoisseur’s luxury honey is harvested in Georgia. Complying with the country’s meticulous protocols, it is vet-certified, organic and 100% pure.

Our luxury honey is also healthier than regular honey. Georgia’s native honey bee—the Caucasian Grey Bee—has the longest proboscis. This means that it is able to reach the deepest part of the plant, resulting in premium honey that is complex and nutrient-dense.

Furthermore, the Caucasus mountain range is renowned for its unparalleled biodiversity. Consequently, Georgian Honey is multi-floral and layered with flavor.

Paired with anything—from pancakes, scones and French toast to cold meats, cheeses and yogurt—our luxury honey makes a statement. It’s the kind of condiment your guests go home raving about, differentiating you from other high end hotels.

Tailored to Your Hotel

Beautifully packaged in miniature, hotel-sized bottles, this golden elixir makes every day a little sweeter. We cater to the discerning demands of high end chefs, seeking premium condiments to compliment your breakfast menus.

We also suggest incorporating our petite luxury honey bottles into your bedroom tea and coffee stations for an unforgettable touch. Our service includes custom labels that feature your hotel’s name and distinctive attributes, adding a personal flair.

As a boutique enterprise, Maison Connoisseur’s agility enables us to meet your specific needs seamlessly. Our commitment to artisanal quality is distinctly set apart from mass-produced items, enhancing your environment with handcrafted excellence.

Coming soon: luxury jams, preserves, marmalades, mustards and more